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CCTV installations Security cameras for business and homes

Advice, Installation, Maintenance

If you need any advice on cameras or CCTV systems please feel free to contact us. Etchells Electrical can offer a free consultation on the best types of cameras and CCTV systems for you. We carry out a full CCTV installation service. We also carry out maintenance of CCTV installations, to ensure that you keep your CCTV system working to its full potential.

Why do we need CCTV

Safety, Surveillance, Peace of mind, Control and Crime Prevention

CCTV is becoming more popular for Crime prevention and for capturing footage of crimes/offenders. Closed-circuit television records footage which can be viewed on smart phones/web browsers, from anywhere in the world. This can offer peace of mind, knowing that your property is safe/monitored.

A Closed-circuit television system includes various security cameras installed around properties/Grounds or on forecourts. The cameras link back to DVR recorders, which records CCTV footage. Cameras can be set to record when movement is activated. They can also be used by shops and shopping centres, or houses, for watching entrances and gates/barriers . In addition we can operate the gates and barriers remotely.

You may have CCTV cameras looking at the gate of your property. You are able to control the gate, so that when someone is seen at the gate, you can remotely allow access for them to gain entry. Some CCTV systems can have two-way audio installed, this enables you to have a conversation with the person at the gate, before you decide whether or not to open it.

Once the gate is open, you could operate the garage door for a delivery driver to leave a parcel. You can view this on a 2nd camera in the garage, to ensure that the delivery driver only leaves the package he is supposed to.


Surveillance, Awareness, Staff safety and Crime Prevention

CCTV can be used for monitoring staff and staff safety, especially if staff are working in vulnerable situations. CCTV can help protect them and others from attack, accusations or theft.

CCTV in shops is used to both prevent and capture thieves from stealing products/goods. You can use a different combination of cameras, so that thieves can see CCTV is being used. Alternatively there are discreet and covert CCTV systems and cameras, so that people are unaware that they are being watched. Discreet and covert cameras can be good at capturing internal theft from shops or businesses. The shop assistant or your workers may know about standard CCTV cameras in operation, but not the covert discreet cameras strategically placed, to make sure that you are aware of what is actually happening within your business environment. The CCTV systems can capture and be viewed over smart phones and web browsers, so that you can monitor your premises or staff from anywhere in the world.

Night Vision Cameras/CCTV

CCTV systems may also include night vision cameras. These allow you to capture activities in darkness. So when lights are off and someone breaks in, you are able to monitor their activities in the dark. Most modern CCTV cameras will capture black-and-white images in the pitch dark. Some colour cameras will capture colour footage at extremely low light levels. Good quality CCTV cameras can mask high light levels, which normally out glare the cameras. You can also set cameras/DVR settings to blank out certain areas from activating the recording, for example, if your CCTV system is recording all the time because you have a tree constantly moving in the car park, we can blank out the tree area from the active sensor detection areas.

Professional Cameras IP and PTZ Cameras

These are advanced cameras which allow up to 360 degree moving control and zooming capabilities in HD quality, through joystick control, and mobile phone applications.