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We can consult, design and install conference room electrical installations, so that you can have professionally installed interactive whiteboards, projectors, ceiling suspended TV/monitors, audio, video conferencing or teleconferencing.

Video/ Web conference facilities- saving on travel and lost productivity

We can advise you on, and install video conferencing facilities, which can allow you to have face-to-face meetings with clients without leaving the office or boardroom. This can save you massively on travel and lost productivity, as you can work with anybody across the world from your office, conference room or board room. You can carry out web conferences and seminars all in the comfort of your board room /conference room set up.

Ceiling mounted projectors and projector screens for superior presentations

Ceiling mounted projectors and projector screens in your conference room/ board room can help you present your meetings and reports. This will enable you to provide an auditory and visually striking presentation, allowing you to present professionally to your managers, colleagues and prospects.

Lighting installation keyboarding for controlled lighting

We can arrange the lighting in your boardroom so that while you are presenting to your teams and prospects, you can have full lighting control at the touch of a button.

We can do this in several ways, by dividing the room and conference facilities lighting into groups, and controlling them with commercial automation, so that at the press of a button you can control the lighting to the required levels. We can also provide solutions using control panels to control the lights, projectors, audio, TVs, video conferencing or teleconferencing,

Our experience of electrical systems for board rooms and conference rooms, and the close work we do with office design and furnishing companies, allow us to help you create the best use of your boardroom/conference room.

Board Room/ Conference room electrical installations can include; Conference projectors,

    Video conferencing
    Data cabling for conference rooms,
    Floor boxes for conference rooms,
    Interactive whiteboards for conference rooms,
    Telephone conferencing facilities,
    Lighting design for board rooms and conference rooms
Etchells electrical is here to help you create the most dynamic setup for your conference room/boardroom. Contact us on 0800 1313 010 or submit our enquiry form.