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Emergency lighting for Health and Safety in an event of a power failure

Emergency lighting for offices, warehouses and communal areas is important, as in the event of a power failure and the need for evacuation, adequate lighting is needed to ensure that people are safe and able to see around them, to allow them to find fire exits and escape routes. Emergency lighting needs to be checked periodically to make sure that it is operational, so that in the event of a power failure, it can provide lighting for escape and safety purposes for a duration between 1 hour- 3 hours.

Emergency Lighting Why is it needed?

For Exit signs. Under failure conditions these signs need to illuminate and give instruction to people to assist them with exiting the building safely.

Emergency lighting is needed where there is a change of direction. Where there are escalators and steps Emergency lighting is also used to highlight fire fighting equipment and first aid equipment.

Emergency lighting can also be installed around mains intake, fuse board areas and any other potentially dangerous areas

i.e. acid baths or around machinery that would be dangerous if the lighting fails.

Emergency lighting in the event of a fire

In the event of a fire, emergency lighting can help fire fighting operatives by giving them indication of escape routes and exit points.

Emergency lighting should be a part of your fire risk assessments

Emergency lighting can come in many different forms;

  • Emergency lighting bulkheads which are a rectangular brick shaped unit
  • Hang down exit emergency lights
  • Integral emergency lights which form part of a standard light fitting
  • Most emergency lights have their own batteries which power a proportion of the light fittings, or an auxiliary lamp under failure.

    LED Emergency lighting for low maintenance and longevity.

    LED emergency lighting is now becoming more common, as LEDS offer high light outputs, durability and no need for lamp maintenance giving longevity.

    Maintenance of Emergency lighting

    Emergency lighting batteries need to have duration checks to make sure that they will provide emergency light operation for the required time.

    Maintained emergency lights are an emergency light which contain a lamp which is always operational, even when standard lights have been turned off.

    Non-maintained emergency lights are emergency light fittings which contain a lamp that does not have to be illuminated for the entire duration, but under power failure conditions the lamp is energised providing emergency light.

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