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Interactive White Boards Peterborough and nationwide electrical services

Etchells Electrical can advise you of the best type of interactive whiteboard for you educational or business environment including; projector systems, short-range projectors or long-range projectors, projector screens and accessories. In addition we can also install the required data cabling systems to give you a complete turnkey solution.
If you need advice on the installation of an interactive whiteboards/SmartBoard then call us on 0800 1313 010 or 01733753502 ot fill out the enquiry form or e-mail us.

So why utilise an interactive white board?

They provide an innovative way of presenting to your desired audience, which will enhance your professional image.
Interactive Smart Board technologies can help you and your business, by providing you and your creative teams with the ability to capture real-life real-time ideas.

Interactive whiteboards for the offices give you a combined solution of projector screen, Tablet PCs and voting systems, which make them very flexible.

In-house training

To allow interactive communication and examinations with large groups.

Voting systems

In the boardroom people do not have to show votes. It can be done anonymously via the interactive whiteboard, so that true votes can be counted, without fear of discrimination.

Educational purposes

For the ultimate teacher-student interactivity without the fear of mistakes being permanent.

Presentations to Businesses, Colleagues, Students and Staff

The interactive whiteboard is similar to the large projector screen, and projector setup that you may find in the boardroom. In addition it can also utilise software that can make your presentations more interactive with students, businesses or colleagues.