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Data Cabling (network infrastructure cabling) Peterborough and nationwide electrical services

Etchells electrical can help you decide on the best data cabling and networking structure for your business offices, factories, workshops or your home/smart home.

Why do we need data cabling?

Data transfer between networked PCs and the internet, Centralised Back up

Backbone data cabling/network infrastructure data cabling is what links network switches and hub devices together to make your office networks, for data transfer and data exchange between networked computers, such as local area networks and the internet.

Data cabling is one the most versatile types of cable available on the market today. We are able to install the data cabling for all your computers, servers, network printers, wireless access points, IP CCTV, phone systems, control systems, printers, door entry systems and many other devices.

We design, plan and install data cabling for your present and your future data requirements. We advise you of data rack sizing and the equipment needed for data cabling. We can install all of the power needed for your work place including; data cabling for factories, data cabling for offices and data cabling for warehousing.

Data networks are provided by installing data cabling throughout the building, through different systems including;

  • 3 compartment dado trunking
  • trunking
  • power poles
  • conduits
  • floor boxes.

Network cables are used for computers to back all data up to a centralised location know as the cloud and offsite backup (Nas) drives, or over your local area network (LAN). Network cabling may include;

  • Cat 5E
  • Cat 6A
  • Cat 7A
  • Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre Optic Data cabling infrastructure

A fibre optic data network system is the fastest network solution available for data transfer. Fibre-optic cabling is required for a fibre-optic data network infrastructure between buildings and network switches. They require fibre links (single fibre of multi fibre).

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