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Portable Appliance Testing PAT Testing

Legislation including, Health & Safety at work ACT 1974, Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1999, Provision & Use of work equipment regulations 1998 and the electricity at work 1989, collectively applies to all electrical equipment associated with the work place. This requires the Inspection and testing of electrical equipment including portable appliances. This is any item of equipment that uses, monitors or is associated with electricity. This includes moveable equipment, hand held appliances, stationary equipment, fixed equipment/appliances, IT equipment and extention leads.

Portable Appliances Tests; Frequency of Testing

The frequency of the testing depends on;

The environment Construction site, Industrial, Equipment used by public, schools, hotels, offices and shops

The User

The Type of Equipment - Stationary, IT, moveable, portable, hand held

Equipment construction - Class 1 dependant on a connection with earth of the electrical installation, Class 2 Equipment is not dependant upon the fixed electrical installation.

Etchells Electrical carries out Portable Appliance Testing at single or multiple sites. Our service includes; Certicate, Pass and Fail List, Asset list, pass and fail labels and free fuse changes.