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Full and Part rewires, rewiring of your home Peterborough and nationwide electrical services

Etchells Electrical has had many years experience in the wiring and rewiring of electrical systems in houses. If your home needs rewiring, we can advise you of the best and current electrical practices for rewiring your home.

We can rewire/install new electrics and electrical circuits to bring old wiring and electrical systems up to the 17th edition wiring regulations BS 7671 amendment 1 2011.

If you are unsure of whether or not your property may need rewiring, do not hesitate to contact us and we can do a free visual audit on your current electrical system. We can help you assess the state of your electrics to determine if they may need rewiring or part rewire to bring your electrics up to current standards. Regulations have recently changed to make electrics safer in the home.

For a thorough check of the electrics in your property we can conduct a E I C R (electrical installation condition report). This entails an engineer carrying out thorough tests of the electrical system in the property, to determine if the electrics are still safe to use. Once these tests have been carried out you will be much clearer on the real state of the electrics in your home. Sometimes parts of the electrical system may need to be rewired to bring them up to current standards, or you may want to install new circuits.

So why Rewire your Home?

Electricity is out of site and out of mind as cables are hidden in walls. For this reason people forget to check their electrics for wear and tear. Faulty and ageing electrics are the major course of electrical house fires in the UK. This can be avoided by checking the condition of cables, switches, sockets and accessories. It is recommended that electrical checks should be carried out at least every 10 years. The most dangerous DIY in the home is electrical DIY. A registered electrician will work to the UK safety standard BS7671 and will issue a certificate to confirm that the work is installed, designed, tested and inspected to this standard.

An electrical safety law, Part P of the Building regulations was introduced in January 2005 with the aim of protecting homeowners, by reducing the risk of electric shock.

Old style fuseboardIn some older homes you may find that there is absence of earthing, and you could still have metal electrical fittings. The Earthing is there to protect you, if the metal somehow becomes live.

RCD's are a safety device that most new homes will have installed. These devices act very quickly, and protect you from electric shocks. RCD's are used to protect equipment and electrical items plugged into sockets. They are a vital protection for using electrical equipment outside (see picture of RCD plug socket and fuseboard).

RCD's are now also used for cabling that is buried in the walls, 50 mm from the surface, without a metal conduit or sufficient protection.

When a property is rewired, RCD units are incorporated into the new type of fuse boards to make sure that electrical systems and electrical installations are to the 17th edition regulations and of the highest standards.

See links for safety tips and advice (in sign up)

So what can be included in a Rewire?

We can advise you on the best practices for current locations, the amounts of electrical sockets and light switches, and more commonly in new homes data cabling/network cabling which is installed alongside electrical installations. Data cabling is required for household devices that require networks or Internet access around the home, such as games consoles and smart/IP TVs.

Here at Etchells Electrical we can advise, design and install the best and most up-to-date practices that we undertake for rewiring your property.

As society becomes increasingly high-tech, network power adapters and LANS are becoming more common with Apple IP TVs intelligent media centres. Controlled lighting systems are becoming the norm in alot of new homes.

High definition multiroom TV systems, and audio systems linked in with lighting control and home cinema, are becoming more common as parts of an electrical installation. As you can see home electrics now involves;

  • Electrical wiring
  • data cabling
  • Telephone wiring
  • Aerial wiring
  • Multi-room A/V
  • High definition TVs
  • Controlled lighting systems as a part of the smart home
  • CCTV
  • Smart Home electrics/intelligent home electrics