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Door Entry Systems Peterborough and nationwide electrical services

Door entry systems are more common in businesses. They ensure that you keep your premises secure and allow entry only to authorised people.

Etchells electrical can install door entry systems and gate entry systems for businesses, houses or flats including audio entry systems, video entry systems, remote door entry or proximity swipe card door entry systems.

This can be done by coded keypads, proximity tag entry systems, swipe card entry systems or biometrics, retinal entry systems or simple pushbutton video/audio access systems.

These systems are commonly found on flats where you have a door entry keypad with numbers and possibly keycode or proximity tag entry for residents. If you are not a resident you can press the required numberbutton, or company name.

This will ring an internal handset or hand set/video phone, where you can speak to the person at the door or see the person at the door and grant them access if you desire.

Security/Emergency pushbutton releases for door entry systems

Press a button to release the doors holding mechanism, which could be a magnetic lock , a mechanical lock, or a motorised lock which releases the door strike arm or a motorised gate.

Door entry systems can be linked to alarms and logging devices/computer control systems and CCTV systems for monitoring of entries. Each member of staff or resident could have their own key fob or access code on certain systems allowing monitoring of entry and exit of building.

Door and gate entry systems allow you to give access without giving keys to members of staff, colleagues or residents. Access to the building could still be secure as door entry key codes would prevent access.

We can we consult, design, install and maintain door entry systems homes, businesses, warehouses, flats and buildings.

If you would like advice or a free no obligation quotation on door/gate/Barrier access control systems, please contact etchells electrical on (0800) 131 3010 or by e-mail or web enquiry form.