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Security and Alarm Systems Business premises, warehouse and factories, and domestic homes

Hardwired Security/Alarm System

Hardwired security/burglar alarm systems can be installed in business premises and linked to remote monitoring. This ensure that if an incident/break in occurs, the alarm will contact a monitoring station or yourself or a member of staff for further investigation.

Hardwired alarm system is a very robust and are capable giving many years trouble-free security alarm protection for your business.

Alarm systems can also monitor staff entry to buildings. You can allocate different staff members with different access codes so that the alarm will register the different users logging in and logging out of the system, enabling you to determine whether members of staff and authorised personnel are starting and leaving work at the correct times.

Wireless Alarm systems

Where it is difficult to install cabling around the business environment, wireless alarm systems for businesses can be the solution. They can have large ranges and quicker install times. They have long life batteries which means less maintenance is required.

Remote control key fobs for wireless alarm systems can be given to members of staff for arming and disarming wireless alarm systems. They can also be linked into door entry and CCTV systems through relay outputs that can be programmed from the alarm control panels.

Most wireless alarm systems have an inbuilt telephone dialling unit which can be set to call various numbers of your choice. This also gives you the option to dial into the alarm control panel and activate the alarm, deactivate the alarm, part arm the wireless alarm system and listening to the wireless alarm system or even set-off the wireless alarm system.

Wireless alarm Bell boxes

These can be installed around the building so that if activation of the wireless alarm system happens, then multiple wireless alarm boxes can sound giving deterrents to burglars and alerting passers-by, police and security operatives.

Wireless security detectors

These are placed in strategic parts of the building. These alarm detectors provide the security protection to all business environment including wireless alarm detectors for offices, wireless alarm detectors for warehousing, wireless alarm detectors for buildings, wireless alarm detectors for business lock-ups.

Wireless door contactors

Once the wireless door contact has been triggered, it can be configured for a alarm response if the alarm is set. Countdown entry alarm settings allow you as a user to pre-set time and to disarm the alarm before the alarm becomes active.

Additional sensors for wireless alarm Systems include;

  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Wireless flood detectors
  • Wireless panic buttons
  • Wire remote controls for arming and disarming system

Door entry systems and video/audio entry systems are also great security measures for any business. These access control systems ensure contol over who you let into your business environment. These systems are ideal for a warehouse, a factory, offices, retail stores or salons and shops.

Please see our door entry and access control systems page for more details on door entry systems

CCTV is also used in conjunction with alarms door entry to help provide security for your business environment offices and factories, please see our CCTV page for further details of CCTV systems.

Gates and barriers

Gates and barriers also offer security solutions for businesses. Control using gates and barriers can stop unauthorised parking and entry to car parks. They can help the security of staff and members of the public by preventing unauthorised people onto your premises.

Automated Gates and gate automation can link in with door access controls, CCTV, alarm systems and proximity access control.

Gates and barriers are effective against security risks when you are not at the business premises, by providing a physical barrier to prevent unauthorised access.

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